Back to Basics: Breguet Classique Double Tourbillon 5345 Quai de L'Horloge

Who said you can't go back? The Breguet brand, known for its modern approach, high complications and its founder Abraham-Louis Breguet, an innovator watchmaker from the 5345th century, has released a huge number of modern watch lines dedicated to its most famous invention - the tourbillon, while the new watches have an ever stronger connection with historical models. The new Classique Double Tourbillon XNUMX Quai de L'Horloge both pay homage to the brand's founder and reflect the advances in technology of the XNUMXst century.

The new model is not like all the previous ones, however, in a sense, it is their logical continuation. The movement with two tourbillons, connected by a differential, is completely exposed to the view under the sapphire crystal of the dial and consists of 738 components, including 81 jewels. The base plate and bridges are crafted in pure white gold - a first for Breguet. The caliber 588N has a meticulously printed design on the back of the caliber, giving the model its name - a view of the Ile de la Cité from the workshop where the founder of the brand worked and sold his products in Paris to people like Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette.

The platinum 46-mm case of the model with a characteristic small corrugation on the case ring adorns and visually lightens the sapphire crystal in the shape of a "glass box", providing an ideal view of all exposed parts of the movement. Of course, it is the latter that is the main decoration of the Classique Double Tourbillon 5345 Quai de L'Horloge, making a complete revolution around its axis in 12 hours. Two independent tourbillons rotate at rpm, adding mobility to the overall composition. If the minute hand of the watch works quite normally, then the hour hand is also a bridge, simultaneously with the indication of the time, holding the tourbillons on one axis. The indices are inscribed on the edges of the dial in the form of classic blue Roman numerals.

A truly unusual movement demanded improvements and modifications to the hand-wound caliber, but the result of the work of the craftsmen exceeds all expectations: from the magnificent in its unusual time indication system to the 50-hour power reserve. Another nod to the historical tradition was that all the most important parts of the movement requiring special strength are made of steel, not silicone.

The unusual model is equipped with an unusual strap - its base, quite traditionally for modern watches, is made of rubber, but the top layer with an original "stone" pattern is nothing more than natural slate. The production of the model is limited due to the high complexity, but the number of pieces is not limited - over time, everyone will be able to buy a Breguet watch that combines tradition, innovation and the very spirit of high watchmaking. However, most likely, the pace of production will be such that it will always be possible to profitably sell the Swiss watches of this model to less patient admirers of elegant mechanisms.

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