Steel Hero: A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus Model Review

The first steel watch from A. Lange & Söhne grabs attention and strives to occupy a prominent place among the sports watches in the luxury segment. Is this watch worthy of its heroic name? Let's try to figure it out.

Sport, like most things in our life, can be suitable for a person or not, depending on his tastes and talents. One chooses to participate in the Ironman competition, the other chooses a career as a chess player. In an effort to cater to the tastes of both categories of athletes, A. Lange & Söhne has added many elements to its in-house caliber to make the watch more comfortable for a wide variety of activities. The choice of stainless steel as a case material has already done quite a lot in this direction - after all, this way you can much less worry about scratches on an accessory. And the steel bracelet instead of the classic leather strap for the brand will also transfer immersion into the lake, moreover, allowing you to comfortably lengthen the bracelet up to 7 mm in case your wrist is swollen or sweaty after activities - this function comes in handy more often than you might expect.

ALS_Odysseus watch

The case is protected from moisture, allowing the mechanism to dive safely up to 120 meters (for the first time in the history of a brand specializing in watches with water resistance up to 30 meters, which makes even a shower dangerous for them). In the best tradition of swimming watches, the hands and large indexes of the Odysseus are luminescent.

With all this, the watch retains the recognizable features of the brand, which gives it the very style that motivates people to buy an A Lange Sohne watch. The dial of the model is a work of art, full of fine craftsmanship: the index scales of the main and sub-second dials have fluted grooves, and the inner part of the dials has a rough matte surface. The red number 60 on the minute scale adds a sporty touch to the design, while reminding the brand's rare anniversary models with a red accent on the number 12.

Directly opposite the double date aperture is a large window for the day of the week indicator. A mechanism specially designed for this model allows you to easily adjust both indicators, both separately and together, and a well-thought-out system will not allow anything to break, even if the adjustment is incorrect. The calendar module consists of a total of 99 parts.

ALS_Odysseus watch

The entire caliber was created specifically for the Odysseus. Inside the watch is the caliber L155.1 Datomatic with a diameter of 32,9 mm with a unidirectional rotor and a 50-hour power reserve. The mechanism is well protected from external influences: shock and vibration. In the external design of the caliber, the brand followed the classic path - the details are decorated with a vegetable or striped pattern, polished and, in general, bear the stamp of a handmade workshop. The watch achieves an impressive level of accuracy when worn, with a deviation of no more than a second per day when fully wound.

In general, we can say that this is a very worthy and versatile model, carrying both the classic and beloved features of the brand, as well as pleasant innovations. It is quite expected that many connoisseurs of comfortable accessories will want buy A Lange Sohne watch it is the Odysseus models that will not only not be disappointed, but will also join the ranks of the brand's fans.