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Don't trust loans, but need a certain amount? Redemption of jewelry will help you get money easily, quickly, safely. However, you need to pay special attention to the issue of selling precious jewelry, having thoroughly studied the issue. It is best to contact a pawnshop with a long history, a place that guarantees the security of the transaction and the legality of the work. It is much more convenient, faster and safer than looking for a private buyer on your own. Our company has the appropriate license, as well as master appraisers - thanks to a thorough examination and appraisal from our employees, you will be able to sell your jewelry at a high price.

Buying jewelry in Moscow very often means that the company is working with jewelry made from mass-produced precious materials. Elite jewelry or watches are judged according to specific criteria. Here, the main factor for evaluation is the brand name or the name of the master. Also, the evaluation criteria will be:

- Production year

- lifetime

- collection name

- fame, demand for the collection

- uniqueness

- the state of the decoration


Only trained specialists are allowed to conduct an appraisal examination in our company.

Sell ​​jewelry in Moscow

Selling gold jewelry is expensive or high-end jewelry is a good way to raise the required amount. Remember that investing in branded products is your investment in the future. This is because such decorations are very often inherited, become a family heirloom, acquire great value over time.

Brooches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, pendants, earrings - buying gold jewelry in our pawnshop represents a variety of styles and brands: Damiani, Graff, Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Tiffani

Often, the speed at which money is received plays a major role. Our organization will quickly resolve all documentary and financial issues, providing you with excellent conditions for the sale of your jewelry at a high price. The pawnshop guarantees a safe deal with the conclusion of the contract.

Jewelry buyback is expensive

Buying branded jewelry in our pawnshop is a guarantee of a profitable and documented transaction. The company has been operating since 2007 and has long proven itself as a reliable, safe company.

The advantages of our pawnshop "Vremya":

- accurate and unbiased examination of your jewelry

- anonymity of the transaction: we do not disseminate information about our clients

- reasoned price

- gemological examination of jewelry

- we have the necessary information regarding antique art and the purchase / sale of jewelry from famous brands, and we also have 14 years of experience

- the ability to pass the assessment online without wasting your time on the road

- ransom in any quantity

- interesting conditions for regular customers, benefits

- the documented fact of the transaction, which guarantees the legality of the work of the pawnshop

- pledge / re-pledge of your jewelry, the amount of the loan will be calculated personally

- convenient location in the city center

- fast processing, a minimum of formalities and documents: for the initial assessment, only a passport is required from the client

- attentive attitude to those products that are pledged by us

- the company provides repair of jewelry art: here they will be able to return the original look to your favorite jewelry

- the presence of the Lombard loan agreement with the pledge gives a guarantee for the security of the transaction (drawn up in duplicate)

- we buy only genuine jewelry


At the Vremya pawnshop, you can easily sell branded gold jewelry, as well as carry out repairs or deposit items as a pledge. We work with many luxury brands: Damiani, Graff, Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Tiffani, etc.

Over the entire period of work, we managed to acquire craftsmen who carry out restoration and repair of jewelry accessories. We promise fine work, high-quality materials, knowledge of the characteristics of each brand - we readily take responsibility for your products, and also guarantee the result. Restoration of shine or coating, restoration of lost fine details, replacement of a mechanism, restoration of a watch dial - a watch pawnshop is ready for even the most delicate work. Extensive experience and special tools allow us to do the work of high quality and long-term.

If you have questions about the purchase of products in our company, please contact our consultants: there are any convenient ways to contact!

We are located at: Moscow, st. 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 11/10, building 2. And we are glad to both new and regular customers!

Fill out the form on our website and get an estimate of branded jewelry online without even visiting a pawnshop. Then, if the offer suits you, you come to our office, give the accessory for final evaluation and, with your consent, draw up a contract and receive money.

Why borrow money from relatives and take out a loan if there is a Vremya watch pawnshop and a pledge of jewelry, watches, and antiques.

Fill out the form and get a jewelry appraisal without visiting a pawnshop!

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