Buying antiques

When a person is faced with the question of how to quickly get a fairly large amount, he often resorts to a variety of options. One of them is the sale of antique art objects. It can be anything: icons, figurines, boxes, books, dishes, furniture and much more. Moscow has a huge population, so there is no doubt that almost any appraised item will find its buyer. However, more often than not, people tend to sell old paintings, probably considering that these works of art have the highest value.

What is a "work of art"?

It is a material product of artistic creation, created by man. In addition, it is an object that has aesthetic and material value. This concept includes a whole layer of objects: porcelain gizmos, engravings, paintings, icons, church utensils, jewelry, watches, coins, sculptures, medals, orders, furniture.

They often become part of a family collection or heirloom that has been preserved for many generations. Often, due to their impeccable condition, they are very highly rated.

Before you sell antiques, you need to be well prepared. The correct option would be to seek help from professionals in this area. First, an experienced company will be able to appreciate the item at its true worth, indicating the true value of the antique item. Secondly, looking for a buyer yourself is much more difficult and takes longer. Professionals in a short time will establish how much the item is in demand among connoisseurs, as well as what value it has for potential buyers. Entrust your things to connoisseurs who will conduct an examination, advise, and set a fair price.

Sell ​​antiques in Moscow

Buying antiques is a very narrow field that requires a lot of responsibility and care. It's not often that you meet a good specialist. And if you know such a person, then his consultation will probably be very expensive. That is why contacting a good pawnshop will be the right and safe decision. It is important that the antiques buy-out company has a good reputation, experienced experts and is ready to arrange a deal that is profitable for both parties.

Professionalism, knowledge, experience - these are the factors behind the work of Vremya. This is a pawnshop that will take care of all the concerns of buying or selling luxury watches, jewelry, accessories, and other items of antique art. Here you can also estimate the value of things online, which will save time. All transactions made through the company are documented.

Antique redemption is expensive

Antique, from the official point of view, is any item that is more than fifty years old. However, out of all this mass, there are only 2-3% of things that are really valuable. How to sell antiques in Moscow at a high price? Experts from the Vremya pawnshop will help you get a large sum for your art objects.

However, the conditions for the profitable sale of antiques often depend on their condition. What influences the final price?

- Creator name

- Appearance, safety

- Date of manufacture, age. The older the item, the more valuable it is.

- Materials from which the antiques are made

- Demand in the antique market

- Uniqueness

- Functionality

- History of item ownership

- Cultural and historical value of the item


Due to the enormous competition in the antique field, buying icons, porcelain and art objects can cause difficulties for people who do not understand the topic. To avoid all the complexities and intricacies of the market, contact the experts of our pawnshop for help. Here you will receive advice, as well as a competent assessment of any work of art.

Advantages of the Vremya watch pawnshop

- Excellent reputation: the company has been operating since 2007.

- Professional, unbiased examination of luxury goods - at the Vremya pawnshop, this can be done contactlessly online. Want to know the approximate cost of an antique? Just fill out the form on the website!

- Authenticity check: including checking with reagents that can accurately determine the sample of the precious metal.

- The pawnshop is part of the League of Pawnshops: compliance with all legal norms and constant development in the field of buying / selling antiques is guaranteed.

- Each transaction is documented and confidential.

- Possibility to give antiques on bail, individual loan amount. A lombard loan agreement is being drawn up.

- Re-pledge service, if the client wishes to extend the loan agreement.

- Large client base, favorable conditions, approach to each client.


This is where the purchase of antiques in Moscow is carried out at the highest prices.

In a pawnshop, the time of each client is valued, so at the initial stage you only need a passport and the item itself.

In order not to sell too cheap and get a fair assessment of your subject - contact the specialized watch pawnshop "Vremya"! This is the place where you can buy, sell, lay high-quality watches of a well-known brand, as well as make repairs to watches and jewelry of any complexity.

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