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Swiss watches are traditionally associated with reliability and durability, and rightly so. Jewelry is also often passed down from generation to generation, preserving and increasing its value. Elite accessories - in particular leather goods - are valued for their resistance to the passage of time and wear and tear. However, even the best things acquire a time stamp after use, scratches, abrasions and chips that are invisible at first glance, which, if nothing is done, can then become a serious aesthetic defect.

The running of time is struggling with the restoration of things, which requires special accuracy and thoroughness so that the intervention of the master does not affect the original appearance of the product. Restorers usually have extensive experience in a particular field, which allows them to return things to their impeccable appearance. Considering the small number of watch and luxury jewelry pawnshops, it is also natural that it is quite difficult to find a master who works with Swiss watches and branded jewelry and gives guarantees of the result.

The Vremya watch pawnshop offers its clients the service of restoring watches, jewelry and luxury accessories. We have been working with these categories of goods since 2007, and our craftsmen can easily eliminate any defects that arise when wearing accessories. After restoration, your watch, jewelry or accessories will be like new and will be able to delight you for a long time.

Watch restoration

Restoration of Swiss watches is an extremely time-consuming and delicate process that requires both high-level professional skills and special tools and materials. Whatever one may say, watches with sapphire crystals made of precious alloys are unlikely to be brought back to their original appearance “on the knee”, not to mention the wide distribution of watch models at the junction of watchmaking and jewelry art, decorated with stones, delicate engraving and other complex decorative elements.

Among the most popular Swiss watch restoration services are:

  • Case restoration is a laborious, but usually inevitable process, as the most popular materials for Swiss watch cases are steel and various gold alloys. Despite the fact that their strength is much higher than pure gold (such a case would hardly protect the mechanism even with careful wear), they are still prone to scratches and dents, which in the future can be a threat to the mechanism itself, if they are not eliminated in time;
  • Mechanism restoration - depending on the number of complications and external influences, even the most reliable mechanism can begin to malfunction over time, for example, to lose one of its functions, especially often with rare watches that have served their owners faithfully for many years. Also, open parts of the movement, which can be seen through the case back or the skeletonized dial, often require aesthetic restoration. Careful intervention in the work of a high-precision movement is a real art and our masters are well versed in it;
  • Coating restoration - Swiss watchmakers usually use PVD or DLC coating to increase the durability of the case. Both of them are created by the action of metal molecules on the case in a vacuum and represent a protective layer that protects the metal itself from mechanical damage. Coatings also serve to paint the surface, which allows you to completely restore the original appearance of the accessory;
  • Case polishing - inevitable micro-scratches and cracks on the surface of the bracelet or case show the wear of the watch especially strongly. High-quality polishing requires a lot of experience and special tools, despite the apparent simplicity, because unsuccessful polishing can irrevocably spoil the appearance of the accessory;
  • Dial restoration - as one of the main components of watch design, the dial is often decorated with delicate hand-made patterns, decorated with precious stones, covered with luminescent composition, etc., which makes restoration of the original appearance a particularly responsible and demanding process for materials;
  • Restoration of arrows - even a slight curvature of the arrows can lead to inaccuracies in the operation of the entire mechanism, therefore it is important to monitor their condition.

Jewelry restoration

Jewelry restoration is a service that is often required due to the softness of precious metals, and therefore, even with careful handling, they inevitably become covered with a mesh of micro-scratches or chips. The fine work of the jeweler who created the jewelry, on the details, of course, makes the accessory incredibly attractive, but also increases the risk that it will quickly lose its appearance. Antique jewelry that has become heirloom often completely loses its luster, significantly changing the overall look.

Among the most popular jewelry restoration services are the return of shine and the restoration of the fine details of jewelry that have been lost. Each piece of jewelry is unique and requires a special approach, and therefore it is difficult to guess in absentia what kind of repairs will be required in each specific case. An initial idea of ​​the required services and the price of jewelry restoration can be obtained by filling out the form below on the page (describe what you want to do with the jewelry, as well as attach a photo where it and its defects are clearly visible), and finally discuss all the details in our office.

The Vremya watch pawnshop is always ready to help in restoring your favorite watches or jewelry, as well as to answer all your questions - just contact us in any convenient way from those indicated in the "Contacts" section or fill out an online form.

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