Repair of products

Our pawnshop, in addition to buying, selling and pledging luxury Swiss watches and jewelry, is engaged in their repair.

Repair of Swiss watches is a complex process that requires certain knowledge, skills and experience in such work from the master conducting it.

You can send us photos of your products and describe their faults. We will definitely answer you and tell you if we can help with the repair.

Swiss watches, like jewelry, often become a real family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. Known for their durability and longevity, accessories are just as affected by time as anything else. In order for your favorite watch to please with stability and functionality, it may need to be repaired.

It is important to clarify that working with Swiss watches and branded jewelry is something that it is better to entrust to an experienced specialist in this particular area. Fine workmanship, unusual materials and techniques, as well as knowledge of the brand's characteristics - all these components impose a great responsibility on the master who repairs watches or jewelry.

The Vremya watch pawnshop provides a service of repairing watches and jewelry of any complexity. Working in the luxury goods market since 2007, we managed to acquire a base of experienced craftsmen and all the necessary materials. By contacting us, you can be sure that the accessory dear to your heart will flawlessly serve for many years to come.

Swiss watch repair

If the watchmaking itself requires super-attentiveness, accuracy and composure from the master, then working with Swiss watches is also distinguished by a huge responsibility - an expensive and often complicated mechanism leaves no room for error when interfering with its work. Identifying malfunctions, correcting them and checking the results of work: repairing watches is a laborious process that our masters have mastered to perfection.

Among the most popular queries when repairing Swiss watches:

  • Replacing glass is the most vulnerable element of the accessory; glass takes on the main load in case of any impact or contact with hard objects. Even sapphire glass, which is distinguished by its outstanding resistance to mechanical stress, becomes scratched and / or chipped over time, and breaks upon impact is even easier than ordinary mineral glass. Moreover, the integrity of the glass is not only an aesthetic necessity, but also a practical one, since its microparticles, if they get inside the mechanism, can seriously damage it. It is not enough just to take out the broken glass and install a new one; in this case, it is necessary to clean the entire mechanism in order to avoid damage;
  • Restoring watch work - even high-precision movements can start to lag behind or rush due to mechanical damage. In such cases, careful diagnostics is required to identify the problem, and to eliminate it, it is often necessary to completely disassemble the mechanism, clean its parts, replace damaged components and then reassemble it;
  • Replacement of the crown - often the crown of a Swiss watch needs repair, as it is a protruding part that often comes into contact with external objects;
  • Strengthening or replacing the dial is a central design element; the dial is also subject to wear and tear, and if damaged can affect the operation of the entire movement;
  • Restoring the tightness of the case is an extremely important procedure, the slightest violation of the tightness reduces the life of the watch at times;
  • Replacing a watch strap or bracelet is the most common part of the hand, and the strap is especially prone to wear and tear due to constant friction.

If external damage is easy to notice, then internal damage is almost impossible to recognize without a thorough examination, therefore, it is often possible to find out the cause of the breakdown only with a personal visit to the master. However, for advice on external damage, it is enough to fill out the online form below on this page.

Jewelry repair

Unfortunately, jewelry breakage is a frequent occurrence. Soft metals and delicate details dispose to this. Hence the popularity of jewelry repair, including well-known brands. Fasteners, stone fasteners and small decorative details are most often affected, and the service of reducing or increasing the size of rings is also popular. When working with luxury jewelry, increased care and accuracy are required due to their high cost and unusual designs, and therefore it is best to turn to craftsmen who work specifically in the field of luxury goods.

The Vremya watch pawnshop will cope with the repair of jewelry of any complexity. To determine the cost and scope of work in advance, you can fill out the online form at the bottom of the page, indicating the damage there, as well as attaching a photo in which they are clearly visible, and our specialists will advise you and answer all questions about jewelry repair. And having arrived at our office, you will be able to finally determine the required amount of repairs that our masters will carry out in a short time.

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