Full transparency: Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Tourbillon

As good as a classic complication watch looks, skeletonized versions consistently attract much more attention and admiration. Not surprising, given that this design allows for a greater appreciation of the complexity and grace of the movement. However, watches offering full transparency of the case are still rare, the more interesting it is to look at models through which you can see not only the operation of the mechanism, but also the surface on which the watch lies. Today, let's look back and turn our attention to the 2019 model of the Arnold & Son brand - Time Pyramid Tourbillon.

Time-Pyramid-Tourbillon watch The design of the watch is based on the historic John Arnold watch, which displayed hours, minutes and seconds on different axes. Of course, the modern version includes a little more. The transparent sapphire crystal of the case reveals the skeletonized caliber A & S8615, whose pyramid-shaped tourbillon seems to float in zero gravity. The movement has three levels: a tourbillon with superimposed seconds indicator and two power reserve indicators, superimposed on them a sapphire disc with hour markers and a ring of minute markers, and underneath all this is the main movement. The power reserve of this hand-wound caliber is an impressive 90 hours, and the crown is unusually located at the 6 o'clock position. I must say that in addition to the technical complexity, the movement also impresses with its high craftsmanship of decoration according to all the canons of high watchmaking, including the processing of the edges of the bridges and three-spoke gears, satin-finishing, mirror polishing of the carriage and tourbillon bridges and the screws painted in a blue tint, like all hands.

Time-Pyramid-Tourbillon watch

The Time Pyramid Tourbillon has a 44,6 mm case in 18K rose gold or steel, and is limited to 28 pieces each. The watch comes with a brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap. Such a model will definitely become an adornment of any collection of a Swiss watch connoisseur, and the complexity of its purchase will bring even more pleasure from owning such an accessory. Rare and limited editions often appear in our watch shop, so we advise you to pay attention to our catalog if you want buy Arnold & Son watches.