Original Ulysse Nardin with skeletonized dial

Skeleton watches, or, as they are sometimes called, watches with an open dial, are models in which the dial itself and all optional parts are removed from the watch mechanism, exposing the gears and screws of the caliber to the maximum. Without a doubt, this is one of the most stable trends in the watch industry, dating back to the middle of the 2019th century. Every year a dozen brands present new skeletonized models, each of which is unique in its openness. In this article, we take a look at a model with a very unusual approach to skeletonization presented by the Ulysse Nardin brand in XNUMX.

A defining element of the Executive Free Wheel models is an innovative in-house caliber, whose wheel train and boomerang axles appear to float above the dial, along with a power reserve indicator (which is 7 days). The hand-winding caliber UN-176 is equipped with a flying Ulysse Nardin Anchor tourbillon and is enclosed in a 44 mm gold case (white or pink). In addition to the movement in this limited line (and there are four variants of watch design), design options are interesting: the dials of the models are made of gold with osmium, aventurine, straw marquetry or carbon fiber with gold (the brand's patented material Carbonium Gold).

The model with an osmium dial deserves special attention, because osmium is the heaviest metal in the world and also the rarest, densest and most stable element (number 76 in the periodic table). Usually, this trace element is present in alloys of platinum group metals and is used for the production of parts that require superhardness. The blue dial of the model in a white gold case is adorned with a dense scattering of osmium crystals, similar to diamond dust.

The aventurine dial is less of a curiosity for the brand - the material was already used in the Blue Aventurine Genghis Khan 789-80. The deep blue color with shimmering spots makes the dial surface look like a starry sky or ocean surface at night. The aventurine in the Executive Free Wheel is matched with a rose gold case and details.

Straw marquetry is an artistic technique once used in XNUMXth century monasteries. The straws are gently split, dyed with textile dye and applied to the surface of the object, creating a mesmerizing pattern. Ulysse Nardin turned to this technique to apply lustrous, black-dyed straw fibers, prepared by skilled artisans, to the surface of the dial and caseback. The final result, framed in rose gold, has an unusual velvety look.

The latest dial material, Carbonium Gold, is a composite material in which carbon fibers are fused with resin and gold particles in a thermosetting matrix. Such material, thanks to eco-friendly materials, turns out to be less hazardous to the environment than conventional carbon alloys, and also has unusual golden veins, giving it a luxurious and mysterious look.

In general, we can say that the Executive Free Wheel models are interesting for their fundamentally new approach to the skeletonization of watches, because they demonstrate the most important elements of the movement without removing the dials. This and the unusual materials of the dials make each of the models in this limited line truly unique. All models are available with blue or black alligator leather straps.

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