Dangerous fauna: a clock inspired by wildlife

Humanity has always had a weakness for all kinds of dangers, including deadly animals, around which cults were created and magical beliefs spread. It is difficult to look away from dangerous creatures - a slight echo of the preparedness for battle that our ancestors experienced. Brands have long noticed this attraction of living creatures that we would not want to meet in real life, and therefore actively use their images in their creations. Today we present a couple of luxury Swiss watches that are guaranteed to attract attention.

A more classic version comes from the Cartier brand, known for its frequent appeal to images of predators - the panther has been central to the designs of the Parisian jewelry and watch house since 1914. A dangerous cat looks at the owner of the Cartier: The Revelation watch, as if hiding in the shadows of a black dial, framed by a diamond bezel. Fortunately, it only poses a threat to the bank account of a person who decides to buy a Cartier watch of this model, since its price is more than one hundred thousand dollars. The charm of the watch lies not only in its beautiful design, but also in its unusual shape: the gold beads that form the panther's face are not fixed on the dial, but are sand in the hourglass - when the dial moves, they either fall down, forming a pattern, then again gather at the top shining cloud. The caliber 430 MC is housed inside a diamond-set rose gold case.

Much more dangerous looking watches are represented by the MB&F brand. One of the most frightening creatures on the planet, oddly enough, is the spider - in almost any environment there are a couple of arachnophobes, so the creative Geneva brand, together with the watchmaker L'Epée 1839, decided to devote one of their works to these insects. The watch with the telling name Arachnophobia is created to decorate a table or a wall - it is too big for the wrist. The eight-legged metal structure was inspired by the 9-meter statue of a spider by artist Louise Bourgeois called "Mama", which expresses both a sense of danger and security. The aluminum case has an eight-day power reserve, is key-wound and embodies the fine line between gloom and elegance.

If you want to buy MB&F watch or Cartier and decorate your life with a status and elegant accessory, take a look at the catalog of luxury Swiss watches in our store. Each model is rigorously tested and maintained in excellent condition, and the selection includes rare pieces worthy of a collection.