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Our pawnshop specialists can carry out a professional assessment of the value of your products. To do this, they have all the necessary tools, knowledge and skills. We will evaluate any Swiss watch, jewelry from various luxury brands and luxury accessories.

The Vremya pawnshop experts are ready to help you evaluate your luxury goods: from accessories to Swiss watches. Extensive experience in this area, as well as the availability of all the necessary tools, allows us to evaluate any elite accessories in the shortest possible time.

Unlike most pawnshops in Moscow, we work with status items that require a special approach to determine their value. Unlike those jewelry and watches with which ordinary pawnshops work, elite accessories are evaluated based, first of all, on the name of the brand, the work of the master and the demand for the model in the market, and the cost of their materials is only a small part of the total price.

In addition to a personal assessment in our pawnshop, where you can get all the necessary documents confirming the authenticity and value of the item, we also offer a preliminary online assessment, which allows you to get an approximate idea of ​​the price that you can get for your accessory. For an online assessment, a special form should include information about the brand, model, year of purchase, condition and availability of documents for the item, as well as attach a photo in which it is clearly visible.

Valuation of Swiss watches

As with any work with Swiss movements, their assessment requires high professionalism, care and precision. From the smallest details (often not visible to the naked eye), an experienced appraiser can determine how often the watch was used, and knowledge of the market allows you to determine how much a given model is in demand among buyers.

Among the most significant factors affecting the value of a Swiss watch are:

  • Brand name - of course, the reputation of a manufacturer determines the trust of buyers and the prestige of owning an accessory of its production;
  • Year of production and purchase - the newest watches and those that are already considered rare classics are most in demand;
  • Condition - the most money will be offered to you for a watch that looks like new (or is new);
  • Limited model - watches of limited editions always arouse more interest among buyers, moreover, their purchase is often hampered by a limited number of boutiques selling them, which further increases demand;
  • Technical complexity - one of the main features of Swiss watches is the amazing perfection of the mechanism, which contains more and more different functions;
  • Precious stones and metals in the components - you should not completely discount the materials of the case and the mechanism, because many models are created at the junction of watchmaking and jewelry;
  • Availability of documents for the product - check, passport or certificate;
  • The presence of the original packaging - it also increases the value of the watch.

Appraisal of branded jewelry

Working with gold and precious stones is a responsible process, not to mention branded jewelry, for which many fakes are created. At the Vremya pawnshop, each piece of jewelry undergoes a rigorous test, during which the following parameters are assessed first of all:

  • The brand - famous and rare jewelry houses, of course, a priority;
  • The general condition of the jewelry is the presence of all stones, the condition of the fastener mechanism, the presence of scratches, abrasions, chips and other flaws;
  • The mass of the product, the jewelry test of the precious metal, the weight and value of precious stones - to establish these parameters, jewelry is tested with reagents and gemological examination;
  • Availability of documents confirming the authenticity of the product;
  • The collection to which the jewelry belongs - iconic collections often turn out to be more expensive than the entrance ones, and it happens that over time they do not lose value at all;
  • Year of release - rare jewelry is much more expensive than modern jewelry if it is in good condition;
  • Demand for a type of jewelry - for example, rings and pendants are more popular than brooches or exotic jewelry;
  • Availability of original packaging.

Evaluation of luxury accessories

The concept of "luxury accessories" includes a huge variety of items: from stationery to bags and collectibles. Basically, accessories include leather products (branded bags, briefcases, belts, wallets and others), but there are things from a variety of materials. Therefore, it is difficult to describe the criteria that are considered when evaluating luxury accessories. They are, of course, based on the brand name, collection and product condition.

The specialists of our pawnshop are always ready to answer your questions about product evaluation and comment on the final cost. It is enough to contact us in any convenient way from those indicated in the "Contacts" section or fill out an online assessment form and we will help you get an idea of ​​the cost of any of your elite accessory

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