About Us

The Vremya watch pawnshop is a place where you can easily get the required amount of money secured by movable property. We work with Swiss watches, branded jewelry and a variety of luxury accessories, from scarves to collectible figurines, and we offer fair prices for them, so you get exactly the loan you need.
Today in Moscow there are a huge number of pawnshops, but only a few take expensive elite watches, personalized jewelry and works of art as collateral. If you try to get the right amount of money in an ordinary pawnshop, pawning a Swiss watch, there is a great chance that you will be offered only a small part of the amount that it really costs, since there are no evaluation criteria that meet such an accessory. The Vremya pawnshop appraisers can easily determine the true value of each accessory, based on specific criteria for evaluating luxury goods, including, for example, the brand name, market demand and collection features.

We guarantee documentary confirmation of the transaction in compliance with the law and protection of the rights of both parties. When the property is pledged to a pawnshop, a pawnshop loan agreement (also known as a security ticket) is drawn up, which clearly spells out the rights and obligations of the borrower and the lender. The agreement is drawn up in duplicate, so that both parties have a legally certified copy guaranteeing the preservation of the property pledged to the pawnshop, when the borrower fulfills its obligations to timely repay the loan and / or pay interest. The absence of such an agreement speaks of the possible bad faith of the organization, which may refuse to fulfill its part of the transaction.
The Vremya watch pawnshop has been operating since 2007 and has created an impeccable reputation and an extensive base of regular customers who can always get the required amount here and then return their expensive accessory. Our pawnshop is a real member of the League of Pawnshops, supports its principles and goals, which guarantees our observance of legal norms, as well as constant development in our field of activity in order to meet the modern needs of society and the market.
The authority of the Vremya watch pawnshop has been earned by honest work and professional approach to business. We are focused on mutually beneficial cooperation and provide assistance when it is especially needed by our clients in the shortest possible time. Pawnshops in Moscow generally help people at times when it takes too long to collect documents for obtaining a loan from a bank, because in a pawnshop expensive property becomes the main guarantor of the return of the amount borrowed, and the time for processing a transaction is usually less than an hour from the moment the client crosses the threshold institutions. Given the unpredictability of life and business in particular, such an approach is needed more often than one might think - many businessmen take out a secured loan in order to quickly take advantage of an opportunity that has opened up or to solve any difficulties.
In general, pawnshops in Moscow are now playing the role of "first aid financial aid", winning the favor of citizens by the promptness of their work and the reliability of cooperation, not to mention the reliability of the issue of collateral.
The Vremya watch pawnshop, working with luxury goods, issues large sums on bail, which attracts wealthy clients who value their time and are attentive to the terms of cooperation, and we provide them with a consistently high level of service.
Today, a typical client of our pawnshop is a representative of the middle or business class who has a steady income, as well as needs that have exceeded his financial capabilities at the moment. Usually they turn to us in order to urgently solve the arisen difficulties in business, "intercept" before the paycheck or pay a fee for a purchase purchased in installments or a loan. In short, in order to get the required amount quickly and without legal delays, without borrowing money from friends, colleagues and relatives.
The Vremya watch pawnshop is always ready to help you with obtaining the required amount as soon as possible. Contact us and you will receive a loan secured by Swiss watches or branded accessories today.