New Greubel Forsey Balancier S Limited Edition

Having estimated the number of people who wanted buy Greubel Forsey watch sports model GMT Sport last year, the brand decided to build on the success with the release of another model in sporty style. The new Balancier S is a timepiece that brings a touch of relaxed grace to the company's traditional high watchmaking style. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters and has a built-in rubber strap - two elements that until this moment were difficult to imagine in the arsenal of the brand's products, which tend to look more serious. It is also a model that will be presented at the WatchTime Live online exhibition from October 22-24, among other works by twenty-four watch brands.

The new model is based on the design findings of GMT Sport and Balancier Contemporain, but has its own bright personality. The Balancier S measures 45 mm in diameter at its widest point and is 15,60 mm high (including the curved sapphire crystal), but weighs only 110 grams including the strap. This weight is achieved thanks to the use of titanium not only in the case, but even in the screws that hold it together. The brand's core values ​​are engraved on the satin-finished bezel, and the rubber inlays on the case can be easily changed to match the color of the strap. When viewed from above, it may seem that the watch case is round, in fact, it is rather egg-shaped.

Greubel Forsey watches Balancier-S_1

The dial, which is characterized by a combination of different shapes and angles, contains the characteristic suspended arch of the central bridge holding the curved gear train of the hands, as well as the large balance ring typical of the Balancier models. The surface of the dial has a frosty finish - a hallmark of a brand renowned for its impeccable hand-crafted surface techniques. The power reserve of the movement is 72 hours.

The back cover also reveals the impressive work of the brand's craftsmen in the field of decorating metal surfaces. The meticulous processing of every detail by hand becomes even more laborious when the surfaces are made of titanium, which explains why it takes about two months to create each piece, and the model is limited to only 18 pieces, so those who want to buy a Greubel Forsey watch of this model will have to hurry up.

However, after some time, it will probably appear in the purchase of Swiss watches, like many collectible models. In anticipation of this moment, we recommend that you look into our catalog of Swiss watches, perhaps your ideal model at an attractive price is already waiting there.