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  • Time machines: 3 models inspired by retro cars

    Classic cars are real time machines that instantly bring back the atmosphere of bygone eras and set you up for calm confidence. But do not forget about much smaller mechanisms, which can also significantly affect the mood of the owner, complementing a great car. Fortunately for all fans of style, the retro trend in the watch industry is at the peak of its popularity, so today we present to you [...]

  • Bovet 19Thirty Fleurisanne blue-lacquered soldier watch

    Subtle elegance: Bovet 19Thirty with Fleurisanne engraving

    For several years now, the Bovet brand has been presenting its new models in January, regardless of whether a major Watches & Wonders exhibition is taking place at that time or not. While we await next year's updates, let's look back at the models that the brand unveiled in January 2020, specifically two new versions of the historic 19Thirty model, in which lacquered dials are adorned with [...]

  • Review of the IWC Pilot's Watch Timezoner Chronograph

    The IWC Timezoner was designed to be the perfect travel companion. A single turn of the bezel is enough to show the time in the desired time zone, and the built-in flyback chronograph makes this model surprisingly useful while maintaining a reasonable price tag. Of course, before you buy an IWC watch, like any Swiss watch, you should get to know the model's features better. […]

  • Harry Winston watches Histoire de Tourbillon

    Harry Winston and four-tourbillon wristwatch

    A brand that brings together jewelery and watchmaking under one roof, Harry Winston has completed his Histoire de Tourbillon collection with an impressive four tourbillon case, the world's first production model with such a complication. This is the tenth model in the line, intended to mark the tenth anniversary of the collection itself. The Histoire de Tourbillon 10 is available in [...]

  • Zenith_elite_chronograph_classic_42mm watch

    3 noteworthy models in coffee colors

    Dials of brown shades are still quite rare, in contrast to the most classic blue or less common, but still noticeable on the market green. There is a fairly simple explanation for this - colored dials, green, blue, red, etc. allow you to create a bright accent in the image, add liveliness to the overall look of the watch; at the same time, white and [...]

  • The history of the automatic chronograph

    Half a century ago, a consortium of brands Heuer-Leonidas, Breitling, Buren-Hamilton and Dubois Dépraz competed with the loners Zenith and Seiko to create and launch the world's first automatic chronograph movement. Of course, all developments were kept in strict secrecy, but the consortium was quite confident in its success. However, reading the morning paper on January 10, 1969, Jack Hoyer, CEO of the [...]

  • Hublot BigBang Unico Titanium watches

    The 7 best chronographs in the watch industry

    Are you looking for a chronograph with an in-house caliber or are you looking for the most precise and high-profile accessory? In any case, in today's list you will find something interesting just for yourself. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Anti-Magnetic Chronograph is one of the most advanced and reliable universal chronographs on the market, plus a diver's watch. Their 45,5mm case is made of [...]

  • Ulysse Nardin Executive Free Wheel Watch

    Original Ulysse Nardin with skeletonized dial

    Skeleton watches, or, as they are sometimes called, watches with an open dial, are models in which the dial itself and all optional parts are removed from the watch mechanism, exposing the gears and screws of the caliber to the maximum. Without a doubt, this is one of the most stable trends in the watch industry, dating back to the middle of the XX century. Every year, a dozen brands represent [...]

  • Patek_Philippe_Ref_5372P_GC Watches

    Game of catch-up: 3 interesting split-chronograph models

    Split chronographs, aka rattrapants, allow you to measure the time of two parallel events, for example, a race of two runners, thanks to the presence of two independent second hands. One of these hands, the so-called ratttrapant or split-hand, is located clearly above or below the main chronograph hand, they start moving at the same time, but when you press the button, the split-hand stops while the main hand continues to move, which allows you to read the result. and pressing it again instantly moves it to the main one, so they continue to move in parallel. In recent years, this complication has become more and more popular, with split chronographs appearing in a wide variety of brands. Today we will pay attention to three models, one way or another stand out from the general mass.

  • Ulysse_Nardin_Dual_Time_RG_soldier watch

    For travelers: Ulysse Nardin has updated the Dual Time models

    Ulysse Nardin has been producing specially balanced timepieces for travelers since at least 1994, when it introduced its patented, easy-to-use second time zone function to its Dual Time line. Since then, the watch has undergone some changes and improvements, the most notable of which were introduced this year in three new variations that borrowed the case design and dial elements from the 2019 Skeleton X model.

  • Hublot_BigBang_Unico_Sapphire watches

    Nothing ordinary: 4 watch models made of unusual materials

    If gold is too pretentious for you, and steel is too simple, then you should not despair to buy yourself a stylish Swiss watch. Some manufacturers allow themselves to experiment with body materials, giving an already impressive accessory a completely immersive look. Today we will consider four interesting models from a variety of non-standard materials

  • ALS_Tourbograph_Perpetual_Honeygold watches

    A. Lange & Söhne presented new models "Homage to FA Lange"

    The year 1845 was marked by the birth of the watch industry in German Saxony, when Ferdinand Adolf Lange opened his watch workshop in Glashütte. Saxon watchmakers celebrate the anniversary of this event in different ways, but today we are most interested in what A. Lange & Söhne, the common grandfather of Saxon watch brands, does. In honor of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Lange workshop, the brand has presented three new limited edition models in cases of rarely used alloy - honey gold

  • ALS_Tourbograph_Perpetual_PLM watches

    Perpetual time: 4 modern watches with a perpetual calendar

    In today's watch industry, a perpetual calendar displays the date and automatically adjusts to months of less than 31 days and leap years. Perpetual calendars usually require manual adjustment only three times in 400 years (for example, 2100, 2200, 2300, but not 2400), however, nothing is impossible for an engineering genius, which is why there are rare models with a truly perpetual calendar. Often times, the calendar is combined with other complications such as a moon phase indicator. So, we present to your attention four models of watches, ready to work forever.

  • Ulysse Nardin watches Sparkling Blast

    Diamond blast: Ulysse Nardin presented an exclusive model

    At the end of August at the Geneva Watch Days, Ulysse Nardin presented a new collection called Blast. All watches are equipped with a new self-winding skeletonized caliber with a flying tourbillon and a new one-click folding clasp, and the lines of the multifaceted case are inspired by stealth aircraft. A week later, Ulysse Nardin presented another model of the Blast line, this time belonging to the jewelry segment of the watch industry. Both the case of the novelty and the open movement with a tourbillon are studded with diamonds of various geometric shapes, folded into a sparkling mosaic

  • Grand-Deck-Marine-Tourbilon_Photo

    Technological advancement: 6 hours with a modern tourbillon

    It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the tourbillon in watch design - this complication seriously affects the appearance of the accessory and significantly increases its attractiveness. A new trend in the world of watchmaking has combined classical complication with a strong influence of high-tech style on design, which surprisingly created a harmony of style, built on a complex interweaving of lines and mechanisms. We present a selection of six curious models in this direction

  • Patek_Evergreen_RB_Pilot-1

    7 reasons why Patek Philippe is successful

    atek Philippe occupies a leading position among the largest Swiss watch brands - a significant achievement for any company, especially in the luxury segment. What made the brand so successful? Rüdiger Bucher, editor-in-chief of the German magazine Chronos, expressed his point of view on this issue.

  • Rolex_Submariner_Date_2020

    Long-awaited dive: Rolex refreshes the Submariner and Submariner Date

    The instability of 2020, with the outbreak of a pandemic and the cancellation of the largest watch exhibition, where the public was presented with the latest models of watches from elite brands, additionally hit all connoisseurs of the Rolex brand with the fact that the company kept secret for a long time when it is planned to release new models and whether it is planned at all. At the end of August, the brand broke the silence, stirring up the whole world of watchmaking fans, and presented new 1 models to the public on September 2020. They turned out to be new versions of the legendary Oyster Perpetual Submariner and Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date

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