Metal ceramics in Richard Mille watch cases

The Richard Mille brand has long been known for its innovations in design and materials that it uses to create its works - in fact, this justifies a huge number of people who want to buy Richard Mille watches for their collection. Among the materials already used are ceramics, carbon, Quartz TPT (a composite material of more than 600 layers of the finest filaments of quartz fiber) and many others, which later became popular with other brands, and remained avant-garde exotic. Today we'll take a look at the latest case material for the RM 11-05 Automatic Flyback Chronograph GMT.

As is often the case with ultra-complicated Richard Mille watches, the 50 x 42,7 mm case contains many interesting surprises: a skeletonized self-winding caliber, a chronograph with a flyback function (its counters are located on the sides of the dial), a second time zone indicator with easy time adjustment, an annual calendar with a large aperture and a countdown mode, and the watch functions are controlled by a pair of buttons gracefully built into the overall composition.

The warm gray color of the case is due to the material cermet, aka cermet, a mixture of metallic zirconium with ceramics, created using high temperature and pressure, which allows for uniformity. Other elements (such as nickel or cobalt) are excluded from the alloy, usually used in this kind of materials, but recognized as unnecessary brand partners - the microtechnology firm IMI Group. The density of gray cermet is less than that of titanium, and the hardness is 2360 units on the Vickers scale (that is, 6 times harder than steel and 12 - 18-carat gold), which is practically not inferior to a diamond (2400 units). The material is used in the manufacture of outer fuselage of space rockets and in other areas where the highest reliability is required.

Inside the case is the signature RMAC3 caliber with a 50-hour power reserve, which can be seen in detail through the sapphire crystal of both the dial and case back. There is also a customizable rotor that allows you to adjust the winding of the watch based on the activity of the wearer - one of the brand's many distinctive touches. The model is limited to 140 pieces, like most of the company's innovative models, so buy Richard Mille watches it can be difficult. However, this also makes each piece almost unique, which allows you to profitably sell the accessory, if necessary, to firms engaged in the redemption of luxury watches.