Lay jewelry

Jewelry pledge is one of the simplest and most popular ways to quickly get a large amount of money. Despite the popularity of bank loans, many wealthy people prefer to pledge branded jewelry, rather than collect documents and look for guarantors for banks. This is many times faster, and pawnshops sometimes provide preferential terms to regular customers.

Pledge of jewelry in Moscow

Moscow offers a huge number of various establishments, including pawnshops located on almost every street. Despite the temptation to contact the nearest one, you should carefully consider the choice of a pawnshop and its conditions, since in the financial sector there is always a risk of at least missing a profitable offer, as a maximum of incurring significant losses.

One way or another, different recommendations apply for different categories of jewelry. If ordinary jewelry of little-known brands or mass market can be simply put in an ordinary pawnshop, then in the case of expensive brand jewelry, you should be more careful and contact trusted specialists. In addition to a higher level of protection for jewelry and the client, specialized pawnshops for luxury goods offer different conditions and criteria for evaluation.

So, for example, in an ordinary pawnshop, the amount of money that can be obtained by pledging jewelry is calculated mainly based on the amount of precious metal in the product. Some pawnshops also count precious stones, but not all. Specialized pawnshops proceed from different criteria, where the brand, the collection and the rarity of jewelry are in the first place. Of course, evaluating primarily the work of the master, and not the materials, the pawnshop can offer a significantly larger amount for the decoration pledged as collateral.

Advantageously laying decorations

In order to lay down elite jewelry really profitable, you should study the offers and terms of the transaction in different institutions. In most cases, the appraisal is done on the spot, but in some modern pawnshops there is the possibility of preliminary online appraisal, which greatly simplifies the task. Even if it is impossible to determine the exact amount in this way, you can get a general idea of ​​the proposal and make a decision to continue cooperation.

The most profitable thing is to lay new or almost new jewelry of elite brands, with preserved documents on them, packaging and receipts. The price is also influenced by the demand in the market, so that the old jewelry of a well-known brand may turn out to be somewhat more expensive than it was purchased, which will allow you to get a larger loan secured by jewelry.

Put jewelry in a pawnshop

Vremya pawnshop accepts as collateral or buys jewelry from elite brands such as Graff, Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Damiani, Tiffani and others. We have been working since 2007 and are well aware of the elite jewelry market and their features, and therefore we can offer a fair and reasoned price for your accessories.

We accept original jewelry, both new and used, as collateral. The loan amount is calculated individually in each case. If you have any questions about the evaluation criteria and the price offered to you, you can ask them by contacting us in any convenient way.

We appreciate your time and effort - in order to sell jewelry, you only need an identification document and the jewelry itself. All other papers are optional. For a preliminary assessment of your jewelry, it is enough to fill out the online form on this page - if the proposed amount suits you, arriving at our office you will be able to give the accessory for the final assessment, draw up a contract and receive money. The whole procedure will take a little time and will be strictly confidential.

When pledging branded jewelry, we draw up a pawn loan agreement, which sets out in detail the rights and obligations of the borrower and the lender. One copy is received by the client, the other remains in the pawnshop. We take seriously both the protection of the client's rights and the preservation of the collateral in the same condition in which they come to us. Mutually beneficial cooperation with clients is the basis of our reputation.

We guarantee:

  • Individual approach to each client,
  • confidentiality,
  • obligatory documentary registration of each transaction,
  • professional appraisal of luxury goods,
  • the maximum amount for jewelry,
  • respect for your pledged property,
  • special favorable conditions for regular customers,
  • mandatory verification of the authenticity of each item handed over (including verification with reagents to identify a sample of precious metals).

Also pawnshop "Vremya" provides a re-mortgage service, which allows you to extend the contract for the period required by the client. In order to use it, it will be necessary to pay the accumulated amount of interest and the cost of the re-pledge registration service.

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