Lay art objects

Any thing that surrounds us has its own history. But did you know that many of them are also of great value? And not only spiritual, but also material.
Antiques are always highly regarded in the market as they have artistic or collectible value. It includes paintings, icons, antique clocks, sculptures and figurines, books, porcelain and much more.

Pledge of works of art

Selling antiques is an easy and convenient way to get a large sum.
In order to profitably lay a painting by a modern or classical artist, sculpture or antiques, it is best to turn to professionals in the field of art objects. First, it is much faster than looking for a private buyer yourself. Secondly, it is much safer to trust a company that has been working in this area for several years and can provide a meeting with a trusted appraiser. If you are far from the art world and the art market, then it will be problematic to establish the true value of a painting or antique figurine, and an unbiased professional will quickly set a fair price, focusing primarily on the artistic value of the work and its relevance among connoisseurs.
Our experts will help you evaluate antiques and give you advice.

Lay art objects in Moscow

The pledge of art objects is a rather narrow field of activity that requires great care and an impeccable reputation. Specialists in this field are not so common, and therefore their advice is usually very expensive. This is another reason to contact a specialized pawnshop for the appraisal and sale of works of art, since usually such establishments cooperate with experienced experts and take on all the difficulties of organizing a meeting. At the Vremya pawnshop you can evaluate a piece of art online, without the risk of damaging the valuable thing or unnecessary time spending. If the offered price suits you, you can continue cooperation, if not, you will not lose anything. It will be possible to sell a painting to a pawnshop quickly and profitably, and the transaction is always documented.

It is profitable to lay antiques or paintings if the item is in impeccable or very good condition. The value of art and antiques is influenced by the name of the creator, appearance, craftsmanship, dating, uniqueness, ownership history, market demand, and functionality (when it comes to utilitarian items such as antique watches or musical instruments). Selling works of art in Moscow is quite simple, but doing it profitably is already more difficult due to the high competition and active trade in the antiques market. Professional art pawnshop professionals can help you raise large sums of money for your antique or contemporary art, bypassing all the hassle of appraising, finding a buyer and exploring the intricacies of the market.

Sell ​​a piece of art to a pawnshop

The Vremya pawnshop accepts as collateral or buys various pieces of art. We have been working since 2007 and know well the market for luxury goods and their features, and therefore we can offer a fair and reasoned price for paintings by contemporary or classical artists and other art objects.

We accept original antiques as a deposit. The loan amount is calculated individually in each case. If you have any questions about the evaluation criteria and the price offered to you, you can ask them by contacting us in any convenient way.

We appreciate your time and effort, so in order to sell paintings, sculptures, prints or other valuables, you only need an identification document and the item itself. All other papers are optional. And to find out the approximate cost of your antique or modern works of art, you just need to fill out the online form on this page - if the proposed amount suits you, arriving at our office you can give an old icon, porcelain, lithograph or other item for final assessment, draw up an agreement and get money.

When pledging art objects, we draw up a Lombard Loan Agreement, which details the rights and obligations of the borrower and the lender. One copy is received by the client, the other remains in the pawnshop.

We guarantee:

  • Individual approach to each client,
  • confidentiality,
  • obligatory documentary registration of each transaction,
  • professional appraisal of luxury goods,
  • the maximum amount for works of art,
  • respect for your pledged property,
  • special favorable conditions for regular customers,
  • mandatory verification of the authenticity of each item handed over (including verification with reagents to identify a sample of precious metals).

Also in the pawnshop "Vremya" there is a re-pledge service, which allows you to extend the contract for the period required by the client. In order to use it, it will be necessary to pay the accumulated amount of interest and the cost of the re-pledge registration service.

The pawnshop provides a service for repairing watches and jewelry of any complexity - experienced craftsmen will be able to return your favorite accessories to their original appearance.

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