MB&F brand released zirconium watch

MB&F founder Max Büsser is known for his bold and original watch concepts, but his newest "watch machine" currently holds the record for its originality - its case is made of a material known for its spontaneous combustion in powder form. However, the zirconium case is only one notable detail of the new sports model Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO, which will definitely be a good addition to the collection of anyone looking to buy an elite watch.

Zirconium is a silvery-gray metal lighter than steel and more durable than titanium, and its flammability makes its use in manufacturing a rather dangerous undertaking. The material is highly regarded in biomedicine for its hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. The new 44mm zirconia case of the LM Perpetual EVO features a bezel-less design, which gives the watch more “openness” and allows the domed sapphire crystal to be attached directly to the case - an approach that required significant changes in both the glass shape and structural strength without making it heavier. The buttons for setting the perpetual calendar have also been redesigned to improve tactile comfort and ease of use. Among other things, it is also the brand's first model with a water resistance of up to 80 meters and a screw cap.

MBF_LMP_EVO_Orange watch

Another new element in the evolution of the LM Perpetual line is the FlexRing ring shock located between the case and the movement. It provides exceptional impact resistance. The caliber itself was developed from scratch in collaboration with Irish independent watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, and provides a huge amount of detail visible on the dial. The hand-wound caliber consists of 581 elements and essentially includes a re-invented perpetual calendar. The normal system uses a 31-day month with extra dates skipped by fast forwarding, but this MB&F model uses a 28-day month as a standard month, and adds extra days as needed. The classic calendar mechanism can be damaged if you start changing the settings at the time of the date change, but in the redesigned version the calendar buttons are automatically locked at this moment, so this danger is eliminated.

There are 4 mini-dials above the open view of the watch movement. At the 12 o'clock position, there is a classic hour and minute dial with Roman numerals. The other three dials are skeletonized and display the day of the week, month and date. At the 4 o'clock position there is a power reserve indicator (it is 72 hours), and at 7 o'clock there is a leap year indicator.


The Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO offers a choice of three designs: black and white, blue and black or orange and gray. The latter includes an atomic orange hue, which is especially difficult to achieve. Each design is limited to 15 pieces and comes with rubber straps with titanium buckles.

The small circulation of MB&F watches is due to the concept of the brand, which is focused on creating works of watchmaking in collaboration with various independent masters of the field, rather than releasing stable classic collections. This approach makes the brand's watches especially popular with collectors and those who value originality and innovation. However, this same approach makes buying an MB&F watch a daunting task at times. If you want to buy luxury watches, pay attention to our catalog, in it you can find both new and classic models, as well as limited editions that will become an adornment of any collection.