MB&F introduced the HM10 "Bulldog"

The Horological Machine collection, which amazes not only ordinary buyers, but also watch critics, has been replenished with a new piece of watchmaking art. This time around, MB&F is inspired by the dog breed, so the HM10 “Bulldog” has a tight wrist grip and a host of new design elements that will definitely appeal to fans of the brand.

There are two variants of the HM10 “Bulldog” model, both of which measure 54x45 mm: entirely of titanium with blue accents, or in combination with titanium and rose gold with a black dial. The general appearance of the watch immediately gives an idea of ​​the source of inspiration, although at the same time the design reminds of supercars. Not the most versatile 24-mm case thickness with a sapphire dome both on the top and bottom of the case does not leave the model a chance to become an everyday option. However, this was never the goal of either this watch or the brand that created it.

HM10_Bulldog watch

Beneath the convex sapphire crystal is a mesmerizing 14D gray dial. First of all, two hemispheres of aluminum are striking - the hour and minute indicators. As conceived, they should resemble the eyes of a bulldog, serving at the same time to read the time. In the upper part of the dial, you can see the grille, which partially reveals the internal mechanics of the watch, and in the lower part, the details are completely open to the viewer. A XNUMX-mm balance ring hovers above the dial, supported by two bridges curved with semi-arches - this design once again confirms the status of the MB&F brand as a representative of a unique design school.

HM10 watch

The reverse side of the case, also exposed to the eye with the help of a convex sapphire crystal, offers even more opportunities to explore the inner workings of the movement. Maintaining the general "bulldog" theme, at the bottom of the watch there is a power reserve indicator stylized as a dog's jaws - when the "mouth" is open, the winding is full, and as the power reserve expires (by the way, it is 45 hours), the "jaws" slowly close ... The HM10 “Bulldog” is operated by two crowns on the hindlegs - one for setting the time, the other for winding.

HM10-Bulldog watch

The ears that attach the case to the strap are made of titanium and resemble the shape of a bulldog's paw. The strap is available in two colors: brown and electric blue.

Of course, the price of the models corresponds to the high complexity and limited edition - after all, the MB&F brand traditionally produces its collections for a limited time, then moving on to new projects. If you are interested in works of watchmaking from this brand, we advise you to pay attention to our watch catalog, and if you want to thin out your collection of elite watch accessories, our store offers services buying swiss watches... You can sell boring models at a fair price or immediately purchase new ones using the trade-in service.