Watch pawnshop in Moscow "TIME"

The pawnshop of watches in Moscow "Vremya" has been successfully working with luxury goods for a long time, issuing loans secured by watches, jewelry, luxury accessories and providing other services.
Among the huge number of Moscow watch pawnshops, only a few specialize in luxury watches, jewelry, accessories and works of art, and our pawnshop is one of them. We accept premium brand Swiss watches and jewelery, modern and classic art, accessories and collectibles from global luxury goods manufacturers as collateral.
The main feature of a specialized watch pawnshop is the item grading system. Unlike an ordinary pawnshop, where attention is paid primarily to the amount of precious metal in an item, a watch pawnshop focuses on the brand, model, market demand and similar characteristics. These two approaches significantly affect the amount of money that you can be given on the security of a Swiss watch or jewelry - in the second case, the amount will be many times greater. It is also better to put art objects in a pawnshop, constantly working with specialists in this field, who can determine the exact cost of a painting, icon or other work of the master.
The pawnshop of Vremya watches provides complete documentation of the transaction, as well as its transparency for the client. When the property is pledged, a pawnshop loan agreement (security ticket) is drawn up, which sets out the rights and obligations of both the borrower and the lender. The document is drawn up in two copies, one of which is received by each party.
This allows, firstly, to comply with the requirements of the law, and secondly, to give guarantees of compliance with the conditions and ensuring the safety of the pledged property. Our pawnshop is a member of the League of Pawnshops, which allows us to provide a high level of legal protection, service and awareness of current market conditions.

Watch pawnshop in Moscow "Vremya"

The watch pawnshop in the center of Moscow Vremya has been specializing in buying, selling and pledging Swiss watches and accessories of elite brands since 2007. In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for pawnshops, which is not surprising due to the unstable economic situation. In many situations, it is easier to get a loan as a pledge of watches, jewelry or works of art than to collect documents and look for guarantors for the bank. Accordingly, the supply is also growing - more and more pawnshops are opening in Moscow. We have earned our authority and impeccable reputation over the years of honest professionalism - the Vremya watch pawnshop has been operating since 2007 and has already acquired many regular customers. Mutually beneficial
cooperation is our main priority, and therefore we provide conditions that are equal to the interests of our customers and ourselves, including special conditions for regular customers.
Typically, our services are used by representatives of the middle and business class who have a steady income, who, due to circumstances, need urgent financial support. Subsequently, they often become regular customers of a pawnshop, as it turns out to be easier and faster than a loan or borrowing from friends.
The Vremya watch pawnshop offers, in addition to a direct loan secured by jewelry or Swiss watches, many other services:
1. Possibility to pawn objects of art (paintings, icons, figurines, porcelain and others) - our highly qualified specialists will be able to appreciate the subject, and we will offer a fair amount;
2. Acceptance for commission - if you want to profitably sell Swiss watches, jewelry, antiques and works of art, we can greatly simplify your task. By concluding a commission agreement, you can sell the item without independently searching for a buyer and negotiating with him, we take care of all the difficulties;
3. Trade-In of luxury Swiss watches, jewelry and accessories - if you want to not only sell an accessory, but also buy a new one, in our pawnshop you can do it quickly and conveniently. Bring an old watch or other accessory, we will evaluate it and, if you are satisfied with the proposed price, we will credit it when purchasing any other product from our catalog;
4. Repair and restoration of products - even Swiss watches and branded jewelry sometimes require repair. We employ experienced craftsmen who can easily return functionality and flawless appearance to accessories;
5. Reload - you can prolong the contract for the period you need by paying the amount of accumulated interest and the cost of the service.
Thus, the subject of the pledge will be completely safe and wait for the moment when you can redeem it, even if there are any difficulties;
6. Online assessment - for a preliminary assessment and making a decision on further cooperation, you do not need to come to us personally, just fill out the online form and attach photos of the product. This is especially convenient when using the Trade-In service - you can immediately understand what discount you will receive on a new accessory from our catalog if you sell an old one.
We are attentive to our clients, therefore we consider each request individually. Whether you want to buy, pledge or commission Swiss watches, art and antiques or jewelry, we will find the best deal for you.
The pawnshop "Vremya" works only with genuine products, so each copy undergoes a strict check for authenticity and functionality (in the case of watches) by experienced employees. Including all things are tested with reagents to determine the sample of precious metal and gemological examination.